Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Basement

Fonz and the boys have been working on cleaning out our basement for a few weeks now. They work for one hour once a week, usually on trash day. They have made so much progress in just a short time, I'm very happy with what they have done so far. Today I joined them and we purged the laundry. We have 7 trash bags of clothes to donate, probably about 1/2 of what was downstairs waiting to be washed. We have a goal to finish cleaning the basement and make it nice enough to have Thanksgiving for my side of the family at our house this year. We had it at our house the first year we were married. That was 20 years ago when not all my siblings were married and Jessica was the only grandchild. Now there are about 25(?) of us to gather for some turkey. I think I will track the progress on this blog.

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